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Session #1 - Key Principles to The Reconnection Message - (R911 Study Guide pages 1-22)

Session #2 Christian Obstacles  -  Exposing and breaking off negative Influences  - (R911 Study Guide pages 23-36)

Session #3 - Christian and Messianic Obstacles - Exposing and breaking off negative influences - (R911 Study Guide pages 37-58)

Session #4 Renewing Our Minds - and rebuilding His Ekklesia/Church - (R911 Study Guide pages 59-68, 70, 188)


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Session #5 Restoration Bridge - Getting on path and starting this journey - (R911 Study Guide pages 107-116)

Session #6 Legs and a Face - What The Reconnection looks like - (R911 Study Guide pages 117-138)

Session #7 Eschatology - How The Reconnection brings clarity to end-time views - (R911 Study Guide pages 139-154)

Session #8 - God’s Glory Plan - The strategy to get there - (R911 Study Guide pages 171-176, 178-184, 189-196

Suggested Session #9 - Last Session Testimony Time and Next Steps... (See Slide at the end of session 8)


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